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The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton

The Attic Comedy Club in SouthamptonWelcome to The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton! We hope our website will provide you with an overview of the comedy scene, the history of the popular Attic Comedy Club in Southampton. And what to expect when visiting, and details on comedy events, tickets, pricing and other information.

If you’re looking for a night out with friends that’s guaranteed to be full of laughs, then this website has all the information you need for a great night out. Whether you’re new to town or a local fan of stand-up comedy, we hope this guide helps you find your perfect spot for a night of comedy in Southampton.

Comedy in Southampton

The city is a great place to enjoy a night out as it offers some unique entertainment venues. One of the most popular of these is The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton, which has been hosting some great comedy acts.

The first-floor bar and seating area offers a relaxed atmosphere for both performers and guests, while the upper-floor theatre seats over 140 people for an amazing show!

From stand-up to sketch shows, improv to musical comedy – there’s something for everyone here at The Attic Club; even comedy shows and entertainment for children.

And with open mic nights in Southampton and guest line-ups regularly featuring the best comedians in the UK and beyond, you’re guaranteed a night full of laughs!

Comedy events, tickets and pricing in SouthamptonHistory of The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton

The Attic Club in Totton has a long and storied history. It began way back in the late 1890s when Funny Chris Jr’s great, great grandad (much funnier Chris Snr. lol) and a small group of local jokers would get together above the local Totton piano shop to improvise and hone their comic crafts.

Word quickly spread about the small Southampton club, leading national acts to take notice. Talented individuals from all over England travelled to Southampton to perform at this small venue, allowing The Attic to very quickly become an iconic part of Hampshire’s and English comedy culture.

As the years passed, more and more talented comics graced its stage, cementing its reputation as one of the most beloved clubs for up-and-coming comedians. Today, this historic venue hosts high-profile comedians from around the world and continues its legacy of discovering new talent every month.

Popular acts and comedians at The Attic

The Attic Comedy Nights in Southampton are known for their top-notch entertainment and is now a thriving live music venue in Southampton hosting some of the best Tribute bands on the scene today. Each night, audiences can enjoy some of the most popular acts in comedy.

With a variety of stand-up comedians and improv acts, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. You never know who might pop up on stage at the Attic, from established headliners to newer talents!

The club has become an iconic venue on the South Coast, sets trends for comedy clubs across the world from Scotland to New York to Colombus, Ohio (where’s that?); where it is continually mimicked in both name and design, and continues to bring laughter and joy to all who come through its legendary and welcoming front doors.

Attic Comedy ClubWhat to expect when visiting The Attic Club

Visiting the Attic Club in Hampshire is sure to be an enjoyable experience. The club regularly hosts a variety of comedians from across the UK who will provide hilarious and thought-provoking performances for audiences to enjoy.

You can expect the club to have a relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of drinks and snacks available throughout the night.

During your visit, you may even get the chance to meet some of the comedians and get your hands on signed merchandise. So make sure you bring along a sense of humour and prepare yourself for a night full of laughs!






Pricing and other details

The Attic Club in Totton offers monthly comedy nights, featuring a range of top-notch acts. Tickets for the events start from just £10 for standard entry, with regular concessions available for students and all members of our illustrious and magnificent British Armed Forces (and the Royal Navy from Portsmouth).

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Night of comedy in SouthamptonThere are also options to buy VIP tickets which include reserved seating and discounts on drinks at the bar. Doors open at 7pm, giving you plenty of time to grab a drink before enjoying some side-splitting comedy!

And now with digital marketing from the global Google SEO leaders at The WOW Adventure in Southampton, the Attic Comedy venue is a must-visit for any comedy lover. The intimate setting makes it an ideal spot to enjoy stand-up performances from today’s top comedians.

With their talented staff and top-tier talent, be sure to check out this club if you’re ever in town. Whether you’re a seasoned comedy fan or just looking for an entertaining night out, you won’t regret visiting the Attic Club in Southampton!

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