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The New Comedy Bible by Judy Carter for Stand-Up Success

Tired of holding in the funny? The New Comedy Bible by Judy Carter is your ultimate guide to writing, performing, and launching a stand-up career.



The New Comedy Bible by Judy CarterUnleash Your Inner Comic: The New Comedy Bible by Judy Carter, for Stand-Up Success

Do you dream of captivating audiences with your humour? Have you ever considered taking the plunge into the world of stand-up comedy? If so, then Judy Carter’s The New Comedy Bible is your roadmap to success. This comprehensive guide, packed with practical exercises and expert advice, empowers you to transform your comedic potential into a thriving career.

Building upon the legacy of her original “Comedy Bible,” Carter delivers a fresh perspective specifically tailored for the modern comedy landscape. Gone are the days of scouring for generic advice; The New Comedy Bible is a step-by-step manual that delves deep into the essence of stand-up. Divided into clear, actionable sections, it equips you with the tools to:

  • Craft Hilarious Material: Unearth the humour hidden within your everyday experiences. The book provides 48 brand-new exercises designed to turn your challenges and observations into side-splitting punchlines. No matter your background, you’ll learn how to mine comedic gold from your life.
  • Develop Your Stage Presence: Master the art of captivating an audience. Whether you’re battling stage fright or facing down hecklers, Carter offers proven techniques to build confidence, command the stage, and connect with your audience.
  • Find Your Authentic Voice: Ditch the impersonations and discover your unique comedic persona. The New Comedy Bible delves into the power of authenticity and helps you identify your signature style that sets you apart.
  • Build a Career in Comedy: Go beyond the open mic. The book guides you through the crucial steps of booking gigs, promoting yourself, and navigating the business of stand-up. Learn how to leverage your talent and build a sustainable comedic career.

The New Comedy Bible isn’t just another theoretical guide; it’s a proven system backed by Judy Carter’s extensive experience. As a renowned comedy coach and mentor, Carter’s methods have shaped the careers of industry titans like Seth Rogan, Hannah Gadsby, and Sherri Shepherd. Her “part-career coach, part-comedy dominatrix” approach is both encouraging and empowering, pushing you to overcome self-doubt and unleash your comedic potential.

This book is a must-have resource for anyone with a comedic itch. Whether you’re a complete beginner yearning to take the stage for the first time or a seasoned comedian seeking to refine your act, The New Comedy Bible provides the tools, exercises, and expert guidance you need to cultivate your comedic voice and conquer the world of stand-up comedy.

About the Author:

Judy Carter is a legend in the comedy world. A successful stand-up comic herself, she transitioned into a sought-after coach and workshop leader. Her unique brand of tough love and insightful guidance has helped countless aspiring comedians find their footing in the industry. Her workshops have been instrumental in launching the careers of numerous comedic heavyweights, solidifying her reputation as a true comedy guru.

The New Comedy Bible by Judy Carter for Stand-Up Success


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