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Alfie Moore

Alfie Moore, Comedian

Alfie Moore, formerly an English police officer, is now a celebrated author, stand-up comedian and radio presenter

Alfie Moore, ComedianAlfie Moore came to The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton as part of his stand-up comedy tour show, Fair Cop Unleashed in May 2023. Based on a true story from his days as a cop, everyone laughed along with him as he recounted the exciting and suspenseful events that unfolded when a clown came to town and put someone’s life in peril. While this incident was no joke, the show certainly is! Everyone enjoyed Alfie’s humorous take on his time in the line of duty.

Alfie Moore has worked as a police officer for nearly two decades, therefore he has seen and experienced an immense amount of situations. With this extensive knowledge and experience, as well as his collection of amusing anecdotes that are too good to be true, Moore has built up a wealth of interesting stories.

Alfie skillfully combined his humorous stories from his policing experiences with straightforward accounts of the law in his BBC Radio 4 comedy series IT’S A FAIR COP and took the audience through one of his police casebook’s actual situations.

Alfie “enlisted” the viewers as officers and proceeded to present them with actual moral predicaments that law enforcement personnel encounter regularly, asking them what courses of action they would take in those situations. These responses tended to yield interesting and surprising outcomes. This is the concept underpinning the show.

Retrospectively, the choices that police officers make on the street may be viewed as mistakes; however, they are often forced to make split-second decisions based on the facts presented before them. Through Alfie’s guidance, they experienced what it was like to be tasked with making a tough decision in just a matter of seconds.

Alfie Moore spent more than two decades with the Humberside Police before embarking on a career in stand-up comedy. He has appeared as a guest on TV programs such as Show Me the Funny (hosted by Jason Manford), The Wright Stuff, Sky News Paper Review, Comic Relief, ITV News Calendar and Look North.

He was recently seen presenting Channel 5’s Caught on Camera. Moore’s radio credentials include Today (BBC Radio 4), The Richard Bacon Show (on BBC 5 Live) and The Jeremy Vine Show (BBC Radio 2), in addition to hosting his own stand-up comedy show, Alfie Moore – It’s a Fair Cop, which is now in its seventh series.

Moore has transported four productions to Edinburgh Festival. In 2012, he forecasted a dispute and in 2013, the success of Viva Alf’s Vegas under Phil McIntyre Ents’ presentation. Moving into 2014, The Naked Stun brought on Mick Perrin Worldwide as Promoter and sold out for 25 nights, being given the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe laurel for a sell-out show. Moore’s 2015 performance at the festival was titled “Alfie Moore – A Fair Cop Stands Up”.

Subsequent tours included The Naked Stun and Getting Away with Murder. His last tour visiting The Attic, ‘Fair Cop Unleashed’, was based loosely on reality.

★★★★ “…offbeat, revealing and very funny”
Daily Mail
★★★★ “…lots of well-crafted jokes and a large dash of police gallows humour”
“Brilliantly funny…. genuinely hilarious”
David Mitchell
Alfie was warmly received and promised to return to The Attic – keep your eye out please in our Southampton Comedy Club events which can always be found here.
Alfie Moore

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