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Welcome, Geordie Geoff!

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    Hey everyone, it’s official! The one and only Geordie Geoff is joining our forum for an exclusive pre-show discussion ahead of his hilarious stand-up gig at The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton.

    Geordie, we’re absolutely buzzing to have you here! Your infectious humor and crowd-work magic have us eagerly anticipating the show. ✨

    To kick things off, we’d love to hear some of your favorite audience interactions from past shows. What are some of the funniest moments you’ve experienced on stage?

    For our fellow comedy fans: What are your burning questions for Geordie? What are you most excited about for the upcoming show? Let’s get this conversation rolling and create a buzzing online community ahead of the big night!

    Remember, the funnier, the better!

    P.S. Geordie, feel free to share any sneak peeks or hilarious anecdotes you might have in store for the next Attic Southampton show. We’re all ears (and ready to laugh)!

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