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      3 months ago

      🎉 Welcome, Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes! 🎉

      🌟 Introducing Sikisa’s Comedy Corner 🌟

      Dear comedy enthusiasts,

      We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Sikisa’s Comedy Corner, a virtual hub where laughter reigns supreme! As the Attic Comedy Club, we’ve had the privilege of hosting the incomparable Sikisa Bostwick-Barnes—a force of nature who infuses every room with joy, wit, and unapologetic humor.

      Why Sikisa?

      🎤 Queen Bee Energy: Sikisa takes charge like a true queen bee. Her presence electrifies the stage, leaving audiences in stitches. When she’s in the house, you know it’s going to be a memorable night.
      🌴 Barbadian Roots: Hailing from South London with Barbadian heritage, Sikisa brings a unique blend of cultural influences. She’s the embodiment of rum-soaked laughter and Rihanna vibes.
      🚀 BBC New Comedy Award Winner: Sikisa won the public’s vote in the 2017 BBC New Comedy Award competition. Since then, she’s graced TV screens, podcasts, and stages across the UK.
      🎉 Stand Up for Women: We’re proud hosts of Sikisa’s annual Stand Up for Women show—an uproarious celebration of female comedy talent.
      🌟 Debut Solo Show: Sikisa’s debut stand-up show has already been nominated for Best Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival 2022. Catch her previews with us before she takes the comedy world by storm!

      Join Sikisa’s Comedy Corner today! Let’s create a space where punchlines collide, laughter echoes, and camaraderie thrives. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a curious newcomer, everyone’s welcome. 🤣🎉

      Stay tuned for exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and cosmic puns directly from Sikisa herself. Let’s light up the digital stage together!

      👉 Follow Sikisa on Twitter and explore her comedic universe.

      See you in the corner, where the punchlines flow like confetti! 🎙️🎊

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