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      2 months, 2 weeks ago

      🎉 Welcome to Rice’s Riotous Laughs! 🎉

      Hey there, fellow comedy enthusiasts! 👋 Let’s give a warm virtual hug to the man of the hour—Mike Rice! 🎙️🤣

      Whether you’ve followed Mike’s journey from the early days of Irish National television or discovered him through his viral stand-up clips, this is the place to be. 🌟

      🎭 About Mike Rice: Mike’s humor is like a rollercoaster ride—unexpected twists, wild turns, and guaranteed laughter. From “Nasty Character” to “Rice and Shine,” he’s taken us on hilarious adventures. Buckle up, because more punchlines are coming your way! 🎤

      📅 Upcoming Shows: Catch Mike live at The Attic Comedy Club in Southampton and other fantastic venues. Check out the tour dates and mark your calendars! 🗓️

      🎧 Podcast Fun: Don’t miss “Mike and Vittorio’s Guide to Parenting.” It’s like eavesdropping on two witty friends sharing parenting mishaps and life’s absurdities. 🎙️

      📸 Behind the Scenes: Expect exclusive peeks into Mike’s world—backstage antics, late-night writing sessions, and maybe even a glimpse of his lucky socks. 🧦

      🤝 Community Rules:

      Laugh Loudly: No holding back! Share your favorite Mike Rice moments.
      Be Kind: We’re all here for the same reason—laughter. Let’s keep it friendly.
      No Heckling: Save that for the live shows. 😉
      Spread the Joy: Invite your friends—let’s grow this comedy family!
      So grab a virtual drink, settle in, and let the giggles begin! 🥂🤪

      Remember: Life is better with a side of laughter, and Mike Rice serves it up fresh daily. 🌟

      Now, introduce yourselves! What’s your favorite Mike Rice joke? Drop it in the comments below! 👇

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