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Crywank – Tuesday 22nd November


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Crywank was started in Manchester in 2009 by Jay Clayton as a solo project despite having no previous experience playing the guitar. The project started the night Clayton learnt their first two chords and wrote the songs Welcome to Castle Irwell and Thomas Saunders Gang Chant). Lyrically focusing on the end of their first relationship and musically heavily influenced by American folk punk and anti-folk, their first album ‘James is Going To Die Soon’ became a cult favourite on the internet for its charm and many flaws.

After their first release, Crywank began to play with and subvert the role of singer-songwriter. Shifting the focus from self-pity to self-criticism and fluctuating from hard-hitting confessionals to tongue-in-cheek deconstructions resulted in Crywank’s paranoid ‘sad-but-fun’ sound. Dan Watson (ex-GNOD, Denim & Leather) joined the band in 2012 on percussion and began to implement approaches and influences not often seen within ‘anti-folk’, at points going into d-beat and blast beats.

Crywank has since self-released seven records and has amassed a dedicated following online. Despite being self-managed and their name getting in the way of radio play or press coverage, Crywank has had over 50 million streams and has toured internationally. Crywank announced they would be breaking up in July 2020 following a world tour. This was cut short after five continents due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After two years away Crywank are back to finish their tour performing around North America and Europe.



With Support From

Beth Brookfield ~ opening act


Doors at 7pm and Happy Hour | £10 Tickets

The Attic @ River Studios 32 Winsor Road Totton Southampton SO40 9HQ


N/B: Line ups may be subject to change, refunds not available.
If the event doesn’t go ahead, you will receive a full refund.

Crywank – Tuesday 22nd November

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