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Questioning History with John Hamer – Saturday 14th October


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Researcher John Hamer Questions History that Hasn’t Added Up at The Attic in Southampton

 Tickets: £10 per show or discounted at £18 for both 

Jack the Ripper and the Princess Diana Connection

What do these seemingly unconnected people have in common? 

Jack the Ripper, Prince Albert Victor, Lord Randolph Spencer-Churchill, the late Queen Mother and Princess Diana

The answer may well surprise and shock you to the core.

The story begins in the late summer of 1888, the heyday of Queen Victoria’s reign, in the gas-lit streets of London, when a young woman’s horrifically mutilated body was discovered in a slum street in the run-down Whitechapel area of London….

On the evening of the 31st August 1888 the body of Mary Ann Nicholls, a prostitute, was found lying on a pavement in the East End of London.  She had been brutally hacked to death, her throat having been slit and devastating cuts to her torso revealed her exposed internal organs.  She was to be the first of a series of five victims of the now legendary killer who came to be known in popular folklore as ‘Jack the Ripper.’

Show 1, Jack the Ripper and the Princess Diana Connection
1pm Doors 
1.15pm show starts
2.45pm finish

The Titanic Deception

This is the REAL story of the tragic events of 14th / 15th April 1912.

In 1907 JP Morgan, who was head of the huge conglomerate corporation of the same name and also ultimate owner of the White Star shipping line decided to build 3 giant liners with a mandate of becoming the most luxurious in the world, the Olympic, Titanic and Britannic.

The ships were to be almost (but not quite) identical and so he commissioned Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast to commence construction in 1908.  A massive investment of money was required, financed by JP personally and it was a huge gamble by Morgan.  The entire plan depended on absolutely everything going right, but as we will see, the whole enterprise was beset with problems, ultimately ending in tragedy of course.

Show 2, Did the Titanic sink – The Titanic deception
3.15 Doors
3.30pm show starts
5.15pm finish


John Hamer Questioning History

John was born and raised in a small village in the Pennine hills in ‘Last of the Summer Wine country’ in rural West Yorkshire in the north of England, but now lives in Scarborough on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast, overlooking the North Sea.

He spent most of his working life as a corporate slave to the IT industry, before ‘seeing the light’ and finally escaping from the dreary, soul-destroying confines of the corporatocracy over twenty years ago.

Since then he has been a full-time professional, geopolitical researcher, analyst, public speaker, and author, having written and had published eight books to date, including one as co-author with his very good friend and writing partner, Shannon Rowan.  His first, The Falsification of History (2012) was, and continues to be, a great success and established his reputation as a writer of ‘real’ history, as opposed to the usual lies we are fed by the corporate media in all its forms, on a daily basis.

John has also extensively researched the Titanic myths and legends and has published two books on the topic… RMS Olympic (2013) and Titanic’s Last Secret (2014) (a novel based on the factual RMS Olympic book), both of which propound the theory, backed-up with plenty of evidence, that it was not RMS Titanic that sank on that cold April night in 1912, but her identical twin sister, RMS Olympic—and outlines in great detail the reasons for the gross deception, and how the hoax was facilitated and subsequently covered-up.

In May 2016, John published the largest book to date in his growing portfolio, Behind the Curtain; a huge two-volume, 600,000+ word exposé of the fraudulent world-wide monetary and banking systems that prevail today and the people who run them with an iron fist encased inside a velvet glove.  This book outlines precisely how those who are able to create money from ‘thin air’ are able to use that fraudulent ‘money’ to control almost everything else in the world and how they have distorted history and science for centuries, to pursue their own sordid agenda in order to create a false reality for humanity. 

His next work was a new ‘take’ on the JFK assassination, JFK—A Very British Coup, (2019) which ‘names and shames’ the ‘British Crown’ as prime movers in the plot.  And this was followed by The Falsification of Science (2021), which is a sister volume to his first, The Falsification of History.  This is another huge volume of work, edited by—and with significant contributions from Shannon, exposing all the ‘anti-science’ tactics employed by the draconian ‘powers that shouldn’t be’ in their never-ending agenda for the total subjugation of the human race.

And finally, Welcome to the Masquerade was written jointly by John and Shannon and was published in April 2022.  This a thorough and comprehensive exposé of the alleged pandemic of 2020/21.  – John’s Amazon author page


Tickets: £10 per show or discounted at £18 for both 

If the event doesn’t go ahead, you will receive a full refund.

Seating Unreserved.


Questioning History with John Hamer – Saturday 14th October


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