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Forever Queen Tribute – Saturday 23rd December


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Forever Queen: A Tribute to Queen’s Timeless Legacy at The Attic in Southampton for Christmas!


Early bird tickets starting from £15 in advance online. Or £18 at the door, if still available.


Forever Queen Tribute at The Attic in Southampton

Introducing Forever Queen – A Tribute Beyond Compare!

In the heart of our ensemble is Mark Mulholland – Roger Taylor, a true maestro of musical prowess. With dexterity gracing the keys of the piano, the strings of the guitar, and the thunderous beats of the drums, Mark’s virtuosity knows no bounds. Embarking on the audacious journey of embodying one of history’s paramount drummers is no trifling task. Mark ardently believes that capturing Roger’s iconic drumming style is paramount. To achieve this, he has meticulously dissected and meticulously reassembled the rhythmic tapestry of Roger’s beats, ensuring an authenticity that resonates. Mark’s drum kit stands as a mirror image of the legendary set Roger wielded at Wembley in ’86, a bespoke creation from across the Atlantic. A fervent admirer of Roger Taylor, Mark considers it a profound privilege to channel him in Forever Queen.

Meet Rich Brewer – The Pulse of John Deacon (Bass)

Spanning his musical voyage since ’84, Rich shines as an adept bassist, his notes resonating within the very core of bands. When the role of ‘Deacy’ beckoned within Forever Queen.

Presenting Gary Jeffrey as Brian May (Guitar and Backing Vocals)

Gary, the quintessential string virtuoso, is the harmonic soul of Brian May in Forever Queen. His fingers weave sonic tapestries through the strings, a tribute to Brian’s legacy that resonates profoundly. A journey through Gary’s melody-laden prowess is a pilgrimage through the very essence of Brian’s soundscapes.

Embracing the Legacy of Freddie Mercury – Karl Hill (Lead Vocals)

The latest luminary to grace the ranks of Forever Queen, Karl embraces Freddie’s legacy with seamless finesse. Proficient across the piano and guitar, his vocal artistry is classically honed, evoking Freddie’s ethereal resonance. Howard’s embodiment of Freddie transcends mere song. Countless hours immersed in YouTube’s treasure trove have illuminated Freddie’s attire, his movements, his very words on stage. A mantle of immense honour, Howard dons with unwavering ardor, a manifestation of Freddie that resonates with fervent passion and unwavering pride.



Early bird tickets starting from £15 in advance online. Or £18 at the door, if still available.
7pm we open the doors for our Southampton live music venue, at the legendary licensed bar. Ready for the show starting at 7:30 pm.

If the event doesn’t go ahead, you will receive a full refund.
Forever Queen Tribute – Saturday 23rd December


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