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Comedy Improv Workshop Course in Southampton- Wednesday 12th June



Comedy Improv Workshop, Southampton, Hampshire at The Attic!

Courses run for 6 weeks at a time, comedy improv workshop course at The Attic in Southamptona course designed to build on your strengths and respond to your needs as a performer. This comedy improv workshop brings together comedians of all levels from beginners to semi professional comedians. 

What is improvisation

Improvisational comedy, or improv comedy, is a theatrical art form where improvisers perform without a script. Many improvised comedy performances begin with a simple premise—often via an audience suggestion. The actors then riff on the suggestion, listening closely to one another and allowing scenes to spontaneously develop in real-time. Click here for more on what is improvisation.

Comedy Improvisation Workshop in Southampton

The comedy improv workshop is a dynamic and interactive experience where participants explore the art of improvisation and comedy. Through fun-filled games and exercises, attendees enhance their spontaneity, creativity, and comedic timing. This workshop fosters confidence, communication skills, and the ability to think on one’s feet.

Comedy Improv in Southampton

Led by experienced instructor Brian Armstrong, it offers a safe space for individuals to step out of their comfort zones, embrace collaboration, and unleash their comedic potential. Whether you’re an aspiring comedian or simply looking for a good time, this workshop is a laughter-filled opportunity to sharpen your wit and enjoy the thrill of improvisation.

If you feel inspired, improv course every Wednesday for just £8 a week (pay for 3 sessions £24 or 6 sessions £48). 


Don’t forget to check out our regular comedy Open Mic nights, which normally take place on the first Thursday of every month (bi-monthly in the Summer).


Workshops are £8 a week,  payment is for 3 sessions £24 or 6 sessions £48.

Arrive on or before a 7.30pm start (9-9.15pm approx finish).
Comedy Improv Workshop Course in Southampton- Wednesday 12th June


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